ELITE Division

Bringing consistent, affordable, top level competition back to the community.
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What is it?

The Functional Fitness League regular competition is great for 90% of Functional Fitness Athletes looking to compete.

Regionals used to be the goal for the top level athletes (the other 10%) to train for both individually and as a team. With the cut to top 5, that took a hit, and with the new changes and end of Regionals it’s now just the top 1% that are training to go all the way.

Our goal with the FFL Elite is to bring back your drive to represent your box at elite level competitions within your region.


Here’s the outline of how a season could work. These details are not finalized but come from 14+ seasons of experience as well as many minds & input heavily involved in the community!

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  • 1 Season per year (4-6 months)

  • 4-6 Matches / Season

  • All teams come together for a match, but you only compete against your pool (4-6 teams)

    • Pools re-seeded between matches / each month

  • Major prize for overall season winner


  • 1.5 - 2 hours per pool

  • 3 Events (workouts) / match

  • Canadian Functional Fitness Federation Certified (and paid) Judges

  • Cup / Plate prize for winning monthly matches that winning team gets to keep for the month


  • Declare & qualify your roster of 8 athletes for the entire season

    • Each team has 2 backup athletes (declared in advance)

  • Events / Workouts will be primarily mixed pairs, but may include some teams of 3

  • Not all athletes required to be at every match, but strict rules on ONLY using athletes from your declared roster of 8