ELITE Division

Bringing consistent, affordable, top level competition back to the community


The FFL Elite division is a whole new format of league competition utilizing paid and trained judges to provide continuous high quality, affordable, competition to your competitively training athletes

The Elite Division utilizes monthly ‘Friday night lights’ matches that won't interfere with your training (unless you want them to) or stop you from taking part in any other local competitions!

On top of that, workouts will be released weeks in advance allowing you to either practice with the team, or easily make any required training schedule adjustments.

Each monthly match will include 3-5 events (workouts), totalling 2 hours of competition, utilizing a combination of MF, MFF, MMF, and MMFF teams.

Each month you will utilize 4-6 athletes from your season roster of 8 to compete in a ‘Friday night lights' match against 4-6 other teams in your pool.

Each pools matches will be ~2 hours and include 3-5 workouts judged by trained and paid judges, hosted at a different affiliate each month. (Interested in hosting?)

After each match your team will be re-seeded ensuring consistent appropriately leveled competition!

Check the dates for our BETA SEASON (only $100 / athlete for 3 matches) and start getting/keep the team together!

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The Functional Fitness League already provides ongoing quality recreational competition to affilliates (as well as local brands & partners), now we're stepping it up a level so that you can too!

Working alongside the BC Functional Fitness Sports Association & the Canadian Functional Fitness Federation we will be the first competition to utilize trained, paid & professional judges, as well as ongoing reseeding of divisions / pools.

Our goal with the FFL Elite is to bring back your high level athletes opportunity to represent your box at ongoing high level competitions within your region.

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The online qualifier will be a simple and cheap way to help your affiliate build it’s team, as well as seed your team for the first match.

  • The season will begin with individual athletes completing an online qualifier with 3 basic tests

    • A max gymnastics movement

    • A max lift / complex

    • A classic ‘WOD’

  • Any and all athletes are welcome to take part in the qualifier

  • The affiliate manager / coach / captain can then utilize qualifier results to build their team

  • Managers / Coaches can then utilize those results to build their team for the season


The online qualifier makes it easy for a manager to build their team! Once the online qualifier closes, teams will declare their team: 8 Athletes total: 4 Male & 4 Female

  • Note: only 6 athletes may be utilized at each match - but ultimately only 4 are required. This means there will be NO additional substitutions allowed during the length of the entire season. So choose wisely!


Teams will be ranked based on online qualifier results by combining the total points (rank) of each athlete added to their roster. Teams will be seeded into pools of 1-6 teams for the first match of the season.

The pool & seeding system is a unique part of the FFL ELITE format that will help ensure you face off against teams of similar level, but also push teams to try to stay in the higher pools to maximize scores / points.

  • After every match, your team will be re-seeded and moved up or down in each pool

  • You will be ranked based upon your teams final placing in your pool (pool size will be determined based on registration)

    • Example season of 12 teams:

    • Pool A: 1st - 4th

    • Pool B: 5th - 8th

    • Pool C: 9th - 12th

  • If you finish last in Pool B you will recieve 8 points, and be dropped to Pool C for the next months matches. First in Pool C would be 9 points, and you’d move up to Pool B for the next match


Seasons will span 3-4 months, with 1 match each month competing at a different affiliate, gainst all the teams in your pool (4-6 teams). Each match will include 3-4 events.

Each pools match will be 2 hours between 6:00-10:00pm, at a different affiliate each month.


    • In order to work out the kinks we will have a heavily discounted trial run of an online qualifier followed by a single match.

    • Final dates & full details to come, but it will be shortly after the upcoming CrossFit Open.

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  • 2020 SEASON 1

    • 3 matches plus a final playoff day, pending affiliate hosts these are the dates:

      • Match 1: Friday Feb 21

      • Match 2: Friday March 20

      • Match 3: Friday April 17

      • Playoffs: Sunday May 3rd

  • All teams come together for a match, but you only compete against your pool (4-6 teams)


Matches will be on a Friday night at a different affiliate each month. The bottom pool will go first, completing all 3-4 of their events, followed by the next pool.

  • There will be 3-5 events per match

  • Events will utilize 1 male & 1 female OR a 3 person team which will change each match (1M + 2F OR 2M + 1F)

  • All events will utilize Canadian Functional Fitness Federation Certified (and paid) Judges

    • BETA season 1 will utilize paid and trained judges

  • 1.5 to 2 hours per pool starting ~6:00PM (pending affiliate hosts and registration)



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If your affiliate is in the lower mainland, and over 3,000 sqf, contact us immediately if you’re interested in being a beta season or season 1 host!

Email simon@league.fit


We will be one of the first functional fitness league competition that will utilize paid & professionally trained judges. Signup for the mailing list and select ‘judge’ if you’re interested in being notified of our first judges training course - which is required to be eligible to judge season matches.


We’ll be bringing together the top athletes and affiliates in the area on an ongoing basis. Sign-up for the mailing list & select ‘Brand / Partner’ and we’ll be in touch with opportunities for you.