2018 Season Changes & Updates

Season changes moving forward based on Ambassador, Athlete, and Affiliate feedback.

Seasons may now be assigned to specific nights: 

  • Seasons will commonly now be assigned a specific night for competition (ie Thursday 5-10pm)

  • If your affiliate is unavailable for this time you may request to be an 'away team' and all your matches will be away, or hosted at the Primary facility (YVR = Raincity Athletics)

  • Please make sure you pay attention to the assigned evening to the season before registering 

The FFL Store is going live! 

  • Grab gear from past seasons (#vintage) as well as your Roster changes! 
  • store.league.fit

There will now be a $20 charge for any roster changes after season registration closes

  • Once the first week of matches has begun (or your roster is full with 8 athletes) there will be a $20 fee to make any roster changes 
  • This is both an administrative fee, but also to slow teams down from making season changes 
  • Please ensure your athletes are available for Playoffs with Season registration 
  • Roster changes can be purchased via the new FFL Store

Multiple Seasons will be announced at a time so you don't have to stress if you miss one! 

Our goal is to have Seasons running ongoing, all year round. This way you do not have to stress out if you're taking part in a competition or event that may run through the season! Just get your team for the season after! 

This will also help us in forcing specific competition nights, if you cannot compete in that 'nights' season, just check out the other upcoming seasons!