Shay Kelly - The Caterer

Shay Kelly aka the Caterer stepped up to not only do meals at our 2018 YVR S1 Playoffs but also feed our ambassadors as well as do weekly photo contest! 


About Us

The Caterer is a bespoke international food loving company with a strong successful brand. Our brand ethos is to create tailor made solutions, which have vision, are planned with precision and executed beyond exception. The Caterer has the distinctive ability to adapt its offer without compromising identity, quality and the brand.

About Chef Kelly

Shay Kelly grew up in Co. Donegal on the northwest coast of Ireland. From a young age he worked on his grandfather’s farm, growing potatoes, vegetables and helping with the daily duties. In his late teens he went off to culinary college to pursue his love of food. After graduating he moved to the South of France, to a small town called Biarritz, where his love of French cooking really took off.

From there he travelled to London, England and worked for 8 years with some of London Finest chefs, including Chef Tom Aikins and Chef David Cavalier. Deciding to travel and get more worldly experience he visited places such as North Africa, India, China, Asia and Australia. In mid-2000, a friend asked him to open a Restaurant in Manhattan, New York and he jumped at the opportunity. After New York, he met his Canadian wife in London and they moved back to Vancouver (she was born and raised in North Vancouver). He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from around the world and it shows with The Caterer.