Our goal at the Functional Fitness League is to create a legitimate league format for a legitimate sport. We work alongside the Canadian Functional Fitness Federation, the IF3, as well as the newly formed BC Functional Fitness Sports Association to work towards legitimizing the sport of Functional Fitness.


Though we cannot afford to pay every judge or volunteer at playoffs, we do pay our ‘heads’ of each area in order to cover the costs of the additional time (outside of the playoff day) required to ensure proper execution & management of their position. This is just one of the many steps we take in order to help legitimize the sport - as a real sport can’t rely solely on volunteers to manage their competitions!


The Regional Director for your region will always take priority in selecting which position they choose to occupy, and any of our attending staff will take up the others - but we’re always looking for more people who are interested in being involved in the spaces that don’t get filled.


All of our volunteers for the day receive FFL Swag from the shop, as well as food / some type of meal from the season partner (if it’s a full day event), the head of each position receives this, as well as payment for the hours that may need to be put in prior to the day.


    • This position is typically occupied by the Regional Director. They will be ‘on the mic’ and oversee and ensure smooth operation and flow of the day, working directly with the FFL Commissioner.


    • This person is there to ensure all the judges are up to speed on the events, understand movement standards, and are consistent in how they judge. Typically the head judge will wander the floor during events and do most of the ‘no rep’ calling - so that our volunteers don’t have to!


    • They’ll be at the computer inputting scores all day, answering general questions, and assisting during events if / when needed or not inputting scores.


    • This person is in charge of making sure the right equipment is setup appropriately on the floor for each event. Our team will generate floor plans specific to each event, and they will be in charge of making sure the other volunteers understand what needs to be where, and when.

If you’re interested in taking on one of our paid positions or volunteering at your region playoffs, please contact us or your Regional Director: