We’ll work with you to pick a date that makes sense for your region. Typically Playoffs run on a Saturday (easier for the gyms) but we’re here to work with you!

Once a date is picked just make sure you have a few teams signed-up for the season! Just like during the season - at playoffs we typically rely on the home gym providing a couple extra spectators to help volunteer - at playoffs we provide them a shirt & food!

Though we’ll have lots of opportunities for you and your team to get involved (if you choose) basically all you have to do is ensure your space is available for ~8 hours of the designated playoff date, and our team will take care of the rest.



Having run over 18 seasons & playoffs, at over a dozen different gyms - we’ve got the process running pretty smoothly.

The Regional Director will communicate with your team to get the information we need - including coordinating a day for FFL staff to come in and measure up your space, draft up a floor plan, and create a basic equipment list (which we’re happy to share with you after). If you have any particular toys, running routes, etc that you love - we’ll do our best to utilize those! Our goal is to show off your space & everything it has to offer to the rest of the community.

On the day of the event, we’ll send a team out early to do the initial setup. During Playoff days we have a handful of paid ‘head’ positions that we like to offer to members of the host community - especially the ‘head of equipment’ position - since your team knows your space best!


Not only do you get the opportunity to invite the whole regions community into your box, you get to show it off without having to lift a finger yourself!… Unless you want to, then we’re happy to have you involved :)

Financially, we offer discounts to the affiliate for any teams in registering for ‘playoffs only’ (to ensure your squad has plenty of teams to cheer for), as well as a handful of paid positions amongst our staff for the day.

On top of getting home court advantage at playoffs, we find the gyms that host the seasons playoffs typically reap even more benefits than gyms do from the regular season including increased athlete engagement, community involvement, and of course giving a chance for athletes of every level to get a taste of the competitive thrill.