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With head to head matches between local affiliates

I want to thank you (and all involved) for the FFL competition. It was my first comp, and it was such a blast, and so much fun meeting all the other teams and working out with them. The camaraderie among everyone is really amazing. You’ve inspired me to train harder and do more competitions! Already looking forward to the next one.
— - Division 2 Athlete


With everything form scaled to firebreather divisions the league is perfect for athletes of any level. Gather a team of 4-8 athletes in your division and get ready to face off in head to head matches against other affiliates in your area.  


Each week your team will face off head to head against other affiliates in your area. Seasons vary from 4-6 weeks and end with one big epic playoff day where all the teams come together. Each weeks match typically includes 3 events (workouts) that include a variety of formats (for time, for rounds, for load) and functional movements (check-out the movement standards here.)


CAL_Div_2_Semi-Finals-26 (1).jpg


Seasons vary from 4-6 weeks with weekly matches alternating between being home & away against local affiliates in your area. 

At the end of your season you'll finish with one big payoff day where all the teams (and your new bffs) will come together to duke it out in a head to head tournament to determine the season champion.