Submit your score minimum 1 week prior to playoffs:


A team of 4 athletes (up to 6 total) 
2 Athletes may sub out after the completion of the Thrusters.

  • Every minute on the minute all 'active' athletes (4) must complete 5 Burpees High 5s onto a plate

In the remaining time, for time: 

  • 100x Thrusters (DII: 115/80) (DIII: 85/60) 
  • 100x Deadlifts (155/130) (DIII: 135/90) 


Score: Final Time

Winning team: 'Win' + 3 Points
2nd Place: 'Win' + 0 Points
3rd Place: 'Loss' + 0 Points


At 3, 2, 1 GO all 4 athletes will complete 5 burpees onto a plate (their own plates) & must all touch (at least 1) hands in the middle
After all 4 athletes have completed 5 burpees, 1 athlete will begin performing thrusters
At the next minute, all athletes will complete 5 burpees again
Only 1 athlete may be touching the barbell at a time
After the completion of 100 Thrusters, all ROSTER athletes may assist in loading the barbell for the deadlifts
At this time, 2 new athletes may tag in to continue the workout


Show us you did the work, and make it obvious.
All athletes should be in frame, an app with a timer in the corner or a clock in the background is adequate
If athletes are not completing burpees or reps they are NOT required to remain in the frame
All movements performed must be in camera frame
Side view of barbell movements is preferred
There will be a 5s Penalty for any no-reps OR multiple questionable reps in a row


All movements follow typical standards
All 4 plates must be standard high temp 45lb plates and must all be touching each other
Full extension is not required on the burpees, but contact of all 4 athletes with feet on the plate is
Deadlift must touch the floor and clearly show extension at the top
Thrusters must pass through the squat and end up overhead in a push press - no jerks allowed

Submit your score minimum 1 week prior to playoffs: