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2018 YVR S2 Captains Meeting notes & Details


Welcome to the FFL! Please make sure you have read and understand everything in this document.

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APP.LEAGUE.FIT is your home base for everything you need.



Matches are scheduled by the team captain. You can view the step-by-step instructions here: FAQ.LEAGUE.FIT →  ‘Using our software’


  • The home team captain must send the visiting captain 3 time slots of gym availability.

  • Matches should try to be scheduled for Thursday night.

    • If not possible, backup options of Sunday should be provided as well.

    • Note: Only if both teams agree can matches be scheduled outside of these times.

  • If the home team does not have any reasonable/available time slots, the away team may offer to host OR email for help to find a suitable facility.

  • You can make scheduling easier by creating a Doodle with your team!

    • → Send your team the available time slots provided by the home captain and request the time slot with the most available members.

  • Please remember: You only require 4 athletes available to complete a weekly match - don’t get caught up trying to get 7-8 athletes!

  • The farther in advance you schedule your match, the more likely you’ll have sponsors or photographers come to visit.

  • As a last resort, matches may be scheduled outside of their given week.


  • Scores will be submitted by the team captains directly on your matchup page (via the schedule). → using our software → for captains

  • Most Events (WODs) will include a ‘spread’ for an additional point:

    • If the winning team wins by OVER the spread, they will receive 3 points for the win.

    • If the losing team finishes WITHIN the spread, the winning team will receive 2 points, and the losing team will receive 1.

  • The team with the most points at the end of the match (match = 3 events) wins that week.

  • Rankings will be based on match W/L record, with points used as tiebreak.


  • The home team will have first choice of completing the WODs first or second.

  • The first team will complete Event 1 with the other team judging, then the second team will complete Event 1.

  • Please keep in mind that the team you are judging will then be judging you. #teamjudgement

  • Make sure everyone's clear on each movements standards and don’t be excessively strict or loose.

  • If you have enough spectators (or extra players) at the match, we encourage you to have them judge so that teams can go head-to-head!

  • Captains should review and ensure they agree on movement standards prior to each event and communicate them to judges / teams.

  • Make sure to review movements & decide a judging standard for each

    • ie burpees: Must make eye contact with judge at top, etc.


  • Every weekly event (3 per match) requires 4 athletes with minimum 1 member of each sex competing.
  • Playoffs require 2 men & 2 women for every event.

  • You may use any number of the same or different athletes for each of the 3 events within each weekly match (as long as they are all on your team roster).

  • A team can compete with 4-8 athletes per weekly match - the more athletes available, the bigger the advantage (fresh legs), but not all athletes have to take part every week.


  • Weekly events will go live the Sunday before the week’s match.
  • Any irregular movement standards will always be listed with the WOD.

  • WODs & standards (weights, etc) may be adjusted slightly for weekly matches if both captains agree:

    • Example 1: If a facility does not have required equipment for WOD, captains may agree on an appropriate substitute (or email us).

    • Example 2: If the prescribed weights are too heavy for both teams captains may agree to scale the weight back for both teams.

  • If you have any questions on WODs, movement standards, flow, etc., please ask questions via the events page comments OR in the facebook group.


  • Rules & entry guidelines:

  • To enter take a photo after your match showing us your best interpretation of the theme and add the appropriate tags

  • We’ll repost the photo from our own account @FunctionalFitnessLeague & on our Facebook page.

  • The photo with the most likes on our accounts (FB + IG) wins!

  • Each team can only win once in a season.

    • If you have already won, you can still join in the fun and submit photos, but we’ll give you an honourable mention if you get the most likes.

    • In this case, the team with the 2nd most likes will win the prizes.

  • You can view the whole seasons prizes via the events page on


  • Your season will count as ‘Event 1’ for playoffs, and determine your ranking going into the all day event.
  • Any athlete competing at playoffs MUST be on the team's roster, and have competed in at least ONE weekly match.

  • All playoff events require 2 male & 2 female athletes.