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2019-YYJ-S1 Captains Meeting Notes
  • Your Regional Director (Morgan) will confirm t-shirt orders & shirts will be shipped out to you ASAP!

  • If it’s your first season you’ll get the inaugural white speckle shirt with red font

    • 2nd Season participants will get the new color & shirts by TFF

  • The team names that go on the championship banner will be the roster of 8 athletes that compete at playoffs

  • Playoff Vendors & volunteers can register via the PLAYOFFS page

  • Scaled division will have all 3 teams facing off each week!

    • Matches will be scores as follows:

      • 1st place: Win + 6 Points

      • 2nd place: Win + 0 points

      • 3rd place: Loss + 0 points

    • Please submit your scores for each event to and we’ll updated the rankings accordingly :)

Meet our YYJ Regional Director - Morgan




Morgan has been a staple in the Functional Fitness community in Victoria (and the lower mainland) for years. On top of being a CrossFit coach, she’s started & runs her own business Fitbalm - this, combined with her just generally being awesome, made her an easy choice for our YYJ Regional Director.

If your affiliate has questions, feedback, or anything in between don’t hesitate to contact her

She’ll be taking lead (alongside the FFL team) in managing and running the upcoming YYJ Season! Details below.

For general inquiries, roster changes, etc. contact

YYJ Registration is open!

After an awesome inaugural season of the Functional Fitness league in YYJ we’re back for another!
Checkout some of the pics from YYJ’s first season #FFLYYJ

2019 YYJ Season 1 - Register Now!

After an awesome inaugural season of the Functional Fitness league in YYJ we’re back for another!

Checkout some of the pics from YYJ’s first season #FFLYYJ

Registration is live now, and checkout the event link below for full season details & to register:



Have questions about the FFL and how it works?
Checkout the FAQ! FAQ.LEAGUE.FIT

What’s new in 2019?

You can now register for playoffs only! But only if there’s space left - so signup for the whole season to guarantee your spot!

Read more about it on the FAQ:


The Paleoethics Sportsmanship Award is for 1 team from each division that the teams choose was the most ‘fun’ to throwdown with, host, or be hosted by! We’re not looking for the top athletes or competitors, we’re looking for the team that you had the most fun going up against!


  • Each team gets 8 votes

  • Your e-mail address will be used to verify your team

  • Your captain may vote on your behalf as long as they know the e-mail you registered with

  • A team MUST submit minimum 4 votes to be eligible to win!

  • Each team will get 2 points for being first pick, and 1 point for being second pick

  • the team with the most votes wins their team an epic prize pack from PALEOETHICS

2018-YYJ-S1 Playoffs

Playoffs are coming!

All the details you need will be released via the PLAYOFFS page on

We’re always in need of volunteers to help run the day! We also will rely on team athletes that are not taking part in an event to help with ‘rep counting’ - we ensure there is a head judge around / on the floor to manage ‘no-reps’ and really just require volunteers to count!

Important things to remember:

  • Plan to be there from 2:30pm - 7:00pm!

  • All events require 2 men + 2 women!

  • There will be prizes for BEST DRESSED (whatever that means to you) so lets see it!


We’ve got some awesome partners working with us for Season one of YYJ! Not all were able to make it out for playoffs, but they’ve thrown in some awesome prizes!